Columbia Crossing Counseling Services - Jenny TeGrotenhuis, MA., M.Ed., LMHC
Discoveries Workshop for K-12 Educators 
Pursuing Professional Excellence- June 30, 2010
K-12 educators earn 5 quarter credits
through Eastern WA University
Jenny is presenting the following workshop:
"What My Anger Means and
How I Can Use it For Positive Personal Growth"

Royal Family Kids Camp Training 
 Faith Assembly, Pasco, WA - June 12, 2010

Jenny will be presenting
Non-Directive Techniques: 
A Way To Listen and
Connect With Children

Changes That Heal - Winter, 2010
Understand Your Past to Ensure a Healthier Future
 - Class and Support Group

So often, we become "stuck" in
adulthood because of
developmental injuries.

Discover how wounds in very specific
areas can be healed, setting us free to
be fully mature; fully alive.

Saturday mornings 9:30 - 11
Feb.13 - April 3
Location:  Jenny's office - 8797 Gage Blvd.
Please call for fees, questions & registration.
(509) 438-5955

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Boundaries Workshop - Summer, 2009
                                        When to say "yes"
                                          When to say "no"
                                                to take control of your life.
                    Discover and strengthen the boundaries God gave you.
              Inner peace.  Better relationships.  Clearer direction.  
Location:  Jenny's office - 8797 Gage Blvd.
Tues. evenings 7 - 8:30 p.m
July 7 - Aug. 25  
8 sessions
Possible day session available.
Please call for fees, questions & registration.
(509) 438-5955

The boundary lines have fallen for
me in pleasant places; surely I have
a delightful inheritance."  Psalm 16:6


   Keep the “Heart-fires” Burning 
Sustaining and Renewing the Love in Your Marriage

* End marital "burn-out."
* Discover untapped sources of energy for your relationship.
* Develop the resources for positive change. 
* Don't just survive; thrive!

                  For womens' or couple's groups:

This program can be offered as a brief workshop or an extended seminar. 
It can run from 20 minutes to 2 hours to fit the needs of your group.
             Call with questions or to schedule: 438-5955
The Thrill of Parenting - Jan. 2009
Jenny is one of the presenters in this series held at
Bethel church on Wednesday evenings in January.
   She will offer insights on foundational principles to
   strengthen your vision and calling as a parent, as well
   as practical applications you can use right away.

Bethel Church Jan.Term Class - Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30

            Bethel Fall Women's Workshops
                              "Stepping Stones to the Soul"

                                 Saturday, November 8
                                        8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                                       Lunch Included

                                         Bethel Church
                                Keene Rd., Richland, WA

                 Jenny will be conducting a workshop entitled,
       "Growing Into the Desires of Your Heart"

           Morning will include, worship, lunch and door prizes;
        other stimulating workshop sessions by women in ministry.
                    Contact Bethel Church: 509-628-0150
Thurs. Nov.13
9 a.m. & 7 p.m.
Bethel Church, Keene Rd., Richland, WA

Jenny will be speaking on

"Making minor adjustments for major changes."


Hope and Help
Understanding and Treating ADHD and Similar Challenges

Community and Professional Education

 Jenny TeGrotenhuis, MA., M.Ed.

Anyone who works with children knows that ADHD is a difficult topic.

This presentation:
  • Covers the latest research findings about an array of positive treatment approaches.
  • Addresses the very real concern of the connection between ADHD and later drug abuse, depression and developmental disorders - and what parents and educators can do. 
  • Equips teachers and school counselors to communicate concrete and specific concerns to parents and to recommend a variety of treatment options which are proven effective.
  • Enlightens and empowers parents and teachers to see ADHD in a new light, with hope for positive outcomes.
  • Covers specific principles and techniques that will help adults help children function successfully.

I will do a workshop presentation for your staff and/or parents to suit your time-frame.

It can be adjusted to fit from 20 to 60 minutes.

“Her . . . engaging style had me both chuckling and resonating with her clinical knowledge and life experiences.” – a parent

“. . . excellent and varied educational credentials and delightful sense of humor. . . . Time will pass quickly as you sit in one of her workshops. You will be exposed to theories and insights which will stretch your mind, ideas that you can directly apply to your own children or students, and stories which will warm and encourage your heart. Highly recommended!” – a teacher and parent

“You need to take this program to the schools.”  - Dr. Farrukh Hashmi,M.D.  Lourdes Counseling Center and Reliance Medical Clinics

 (call to schedule for your school or venu - or to learn of a location.)
 Legacy of Love
Bonding and Attachment in Marriage and the Family

Community Workshop @
in Keene Village
Wednesday, Sept. 10
7 -8 p.m.


  • Understanding how we are wired for connection to our loved ones, and how to intentionally make those connections strong and positive.
  • Repairing wounded relationships.
  • Increasing loving feelings among family members.
  • Changing negative family dynamics to positive ones.

"I learned from Jenny's workshop that it isn't just adoptees who suffer from attachment issues."
"Jenny's workshop helped me understand in a very real and personal way that who we grow up to be can be both positively and/or negatively shaped by our primary caregivers."

"In sharing her life journey -- peppered with vulnerability and humor, Jenny offers wisdom and practical tips that lead to life AHAs!"